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World-class, cutting edge infrastructure optimized for peak performance.
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Infrastructure with all of the essentials: performance, security, reliability, scalability and analytics.

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An integrated solution that improves performance while simplifying web operations for your business, saving you thousands of wasted hours and dollars.

The Electric Fly Platform is a custom-built integration of hardware, software and service components designed to be a first-class, cutting edge, ever-evolving foundation for your business on the web. Each platform component is a building block that provides specific technical functionality, leading to a comprehensive overall solution for common hurdles companies face while growing and operating online. In addition to being powerful, efficient and effective, our platform has the flexibility to allow customization for our clients to address any specific requirements unique to their business.


One metric rises above all the rest when discussing website performance: speed. Our platform’s speed-obsessed architecture is fine-tuned to operate at minimum latency, maximizing overall user experience leading to increased conversions and a lower exit rate. From the solid-state hard drives your website is hosted on to the use of ultra-fast MariaDB which excels at managing the kind of large databases necessary for successful eCommerce, content and membership sites — every step of the way our infrastructure is optimized to deliver premium performance for the web’s most demanding businesses.

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In order to operate a website or online business successfully, you need to be free from danger or malicious threats. In a fast-paced, competitive global marketplace, you want the widest possible reach for your message and products, but with that inherently comes exposure. Our platform offers secure hardware and software solutions to prevent or recover from an attack, including active and passive measures along with daily site backups.

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What good is high performance if it’s not trustworthy and consistent? Electric Fly offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) and daily website backups to protect against downtime, accidents and malicious attacks — giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on what matters for your business.

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Nothing’s worse than having success online only to have the technology you’ve built upon fail when it matters most. High traffic, increased user engagement and large sales volume place a heavy, often unpredictable demand on your website’s infrastructure. Electric Fly’s platform has the capacity to change in size or scale to suit your needs at a moment’s notice. We’ll provide your customers with the experience they deserve, preserve your reputation and allow your business to grow with virtually no limit.

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Without the insight offered by detailed performance analytics, you’re essentially flying blind. We offer robust tracking and reporting to our clients to eliminate the guesswork so you can make educated, informed decisions about all areas of your business. From daily usage statistics to complete marketing campaign tracking, we’ll leverage the best tools in the industry to provide you with invaluable data and KPIs.

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